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Friday, 22 January 2010

A to Z (continued)


Loyal people rely on your knowledge that you are in debt to them and must repay them in guilt


A relationship is worth having when I delight in your very company and you in mine. That's why there has to be government suppport for marriage.


Mean people feel that life is a waste of money.


There must be less to life.


Separate but Equal does not exist. Segregation is always about the exercise of power and always to the disadvantage of at least one group.

Naff 1

Restaurants which sell you chilled bottled water and serve it with tap-water ice cubes.

Naff 2

Restaurants which cannot serve a dessert without spraying it with goo. You would think they were owned by aerosol can manufacturers.

National Anthems

A national anthem should reflect a people's better self and aspirations. The words and music should be well-known and well-loved. For England, John Lennon's Imagine.


Neurosis is an inability to change. Sometimes it affects whole populations. I have been visiting Paris for forty years. To no purpose, drivers are still honking their car horns.

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