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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Do We Need the BBC?

I am one of the handful of people who does not have a TV licence. I don't watch TV. I prefer to watch old movies on dvd.

I do look at the BBC News website. It's been revamped recently. The main stories for the past couple of weeks have included several transparent plugs for the Pope's visit ("opportunities to see the Pope" and so on). Opus Dei must be pleased with the success of its press operation.

Then there is a new section of "regional" news in recognition of the fact that the UK is "pretty much a non-country" (to borrow a phrase from UKIP Farage).

Seven o'clock Sunday evening, this is what's on offer:

ENGLAND: "Shock at 16-year-old girl's death"
SCOTLAND: "Call for homeopathy cash pull-out" [ I think that is in the category of Recycled Old News]
NORTHERN IRELAND: "WW2 mortar bomb found in attic" [That's the stuff of over 50 years' worth of local newspaper stories, isn't it?]
WALES: "Pedestrian killed in road crash" [ Well, it wasn't a sheep so I suppose it might be news...]

Anyway, I rest my case. Do we need the BBC? No. I think I'd prefer News International garbage to this publicly-funded garbage.

Just keep the World Service for Intelligent Foreigners.

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