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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Equal Opportunity - except for your Brother?

Well, I have learnt something this week which perhaps only an Only Child would need to learn.

Reading the Message Boards, it's quite clear that whatever commitment people have to Equality of Opportunity it doesn't extend to their younger brothers

I read that Ed has disloyally taken David's job, like some kind of Polish plumber shoving aside a proper British worker.

I read that Ed has been cruel to his Mother by not letting her Eldest Son have his way.

Basically, I read that Ed should have Known his Place.

Well, I know that Deference remains a core value in British society, a value assiduously nurtured both by our elders and our betters.

And quite clearly there are many on the Message Boards for whom the pull of deference is stronger than the spirit of May the Best Man win. I guess they all have younger brothers.

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