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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A note to warmongers, American and (as a consequence) British

Dear American Reader

There are several reasons why it is a bad idea for your country to attack other countries:

1. Your country will lose. Didn't you get the message after Vietnam?

2. Baddies don't get killed in the wars you conduct. Your missiles, fired from a safe distance, usually kill women and children - at home, in school, in hospital. It happens over and over again and, by the end, there is a very big civilian casualty toll and a very small number of Baddies killed. Ever stop to ask yourself why you are so unpopular?

3. Volunteer troops, often taken from deprived backgrounds, will sometimes behave well under stress and become heroes. But it seems, more often, they behave badly - loosing off bullets because they panic, beating up and torturing people (any people) who fall into their hands, generally acting unpleasant. Sometimes they are under the influence of illegal drugs which I understand are very popular back home but easier to get in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That sounds enough reasons to stop and think very carefully before you subject people in far away countries to shock and awe. Especially when you consider that the Brits will follow mindlessly behind wherever your leader leads.

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