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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Smelly Feet? I blame Marks and Spencer

I am of that generation which went to Marks and Spencer for one hundred percent cotton, one hundred percent wool. Socks, shirts, underpants, jumpers. You knew it made sense. Nylon made you sweat and itch and smell.

Now you have to look hard to find one hundred percent in M&S. It's all "Cotton Rich" and "Wool Rich" - that is to say, it's polyamides in greater or lesser proportions, whether it's made in China, Turkey or the UAE (three sources I noticed today - China provides the "Italian inspired" ranges).

Today I had to search hard for cotton and wool socks. What confronted me was massed ranks of "Fresh Feet" socks - socks which have been "sanitized" with some "silver technology" (that probably should have an ® )and promise freshness as long as the sock lasts.

So if you have smelly feet, M&S is the place to shop.

But, hang on, what is the direction of causation? Do ninety percent of men have smelly feet, accounting for the fact that ninety percent of M&S socks are targeted at this group? Surely not. I thought that smelly feet was a minority interest, easily catered for by surgical wear shops which sell corsets and trusses.

So maybe it's the other way round: stuff your socks with polyamides and, boy, do they make your feet smell - unless, of course, corrected for with sanitizing technology.

Take my advice. Avoid socks for smelly feet. Insist on cotton or wool. Better safe than smelly.

Added 3 October 2016:

In a local M&S, looking for things to buy for young grandchildren, I noticed a pack of socks. I read the label - they had been treated with Freshfeet (That's a Trademark) Technology. Frighten them young, eh?

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