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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The View from Waterloo Bridge

There was a time, twenty years ago perhaps, when I disliked London. It was dirty and run down. Margaret Thatcher had abolished the Greater London Council and it showed.

Things are much better now and there are things about London I really like.

One is the view from Waterloo Bridge. Look to the east or look (especially) to the west and the panorama is spectacular, especially at night. Both old and new contribute and, whether by accident or design, the colour palette is limited and harmonious. There's no argument, it's wonderful and it's enabled by the very open nature of the bridge, with its low parapets and so on.

Take a look before it's too late. They have been doing roadworks on Waterloo Bridge. Large - very large - pairs of black posts have gone up on the west side pavement, the length of the bridge. Soon vast traffic signs will be nailed to the posts. They will destroy what I have been describing.

I have written to the Mayor of London, not somethig I normally do. We shall see.

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