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Sunday, 21 November 2010

How can you possibly want to belong to this organisation?

How can you possibly want to belong to the Roman Catholic church?

I know that the BBC News website presents the Vatican as some kind of moral authority to which we should all pay heed - it functions as a sort of outreach for the Vatican Press Office - but that's not a good enough excuse.

The Vatican is worldly, calculating, corrupt, backward and evil in the effects it has had over centuries. How can any right-thinking person sign up to this organisation?

The BBC wants us to believe that it is some kind of breakthrough that the Pope has come to the conclusion that in certain cirumstances (like saying lots of Hail Marys before you do it) it might be all right for a gay male prostitute to put on a condom before fucking a client.

Someone at the BBC is undoubtedly out of his (it must be a he) tiny mind. If you are in the real world, these remarks are no breakthrough and no excuse for decades of absurdity. It just piles absurdity onto absurdity. This mindless casuistry ought to be News only because it shows that if you live in the Vatican you have nothing to offer the world.

Suppose Kim Jong Il, our soon to be departed Dear Leader, gets up and says that in certain circumstances it is understandable that people should want to flee North Korea. Should the BBC go gaga and proclaim it as some kind of breakthrough? Of course not. It would do nothing to redeem decades of oppression and starvation, presided over by this absurd dictator. Not for one moment should the Dear Leader be allowed a respite from the world's exasperation and ridicule.

Ditto Ratzinger.

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  1. Brilliant! I recently discovered your blog - a great read, this in particular amused me.