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Monday, 22 November 2010

Hurrah for Rebecca Harris MP!

Governments and the officials who advise them make a mess of many things. In the UK, they are clueless when it comes to organising Public Time - the calendar, the clocks, public holidays, opening hours for public services.

So it is not surprising that the well-established case for moving our clocks forward an hour from their current summer and winter settings is currently being advanced in Parliament by a Private Member's Bill, introduced by the Tory MP, Rebecca Harris. Not by the Government. They are in a flap about it. They know it has majority support and they say they aren't going to oppose it. But the idea that they might assume responsibility for handling such an important Quality of Life issue is beyond them.

Our current clock times are beholden to the Farm Lobby or, at least, three farmers in the north of Scotland. Farmers like it to be light in the morning; the rest of the population see the advantage of having light at the end of their working day. Businesses would find it convenient if our clock times were aligned with those on the European mainland - only Ireland and Portugal share our time zone and look where that's got them. Road safety experts reckon the change would reduce accidents.

It seems there is a pretty overwhelming case. If you live south of the Scottish border, there is no doubt about the matter. If you live in Edinburgh or Glasgow, it seems the same is true according to a Sunday Times report. But whether our quality of life will improve currently depends on the skill of a single Tory MP. Good luck to Rebecca Harris MP and shame on the Government for being so pathetic.

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