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Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Mick Jagger Secret

This is autobiography

In the months before I went to University, I had a temporary job clerking in the Dartford Youth Employment Bureau, a Victorian house with a large garden - in Miskin Road, if I recall correctly. I was 17 going on 18.

In those days, the State was less determined to keep Records on you. When you reached 18 you ceased to be the responsibility of the Youth Employment Service and any local records they held on you were destroyed.

One day, I was assigned the task of weeding the files - taking out everything held on those who had passed their 18th birthday, carrying it into the garden and making a bonfire.

When I got to the letter "J", I got to Jagger, Michael - a past pupil of Dartford Grammar School for Boys, just up the road. His file contained the form he had filled up preparatory to his Careers Interview with C R Councer, our Youth Employment Officer. The form asked the young Mick Jagger what he was interested in , what his hobbies were, and so on. Mr Councer had penned his comments and career suggestions at the bottom of the form.

I was very tempted to keep it. I had no right to, of course. The contents were of no legitimate public interest. But it was a curiosity and it might be valuable one day.

I burnt it along with all the rest. That's my Mick Jagger Secret.


Added 24 July 2018:This anecdote is now incorporated into the memoir of my childhood I Have Done This In Secret published in hardback only by degree zero in June 2018 and available online from Waterstones and other booksellers

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