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Friday, 21 January 2011

Tired of wacky Eco-Activists? Blame the police

When I turn on my cold tap, the first thing that comes out is a smell of chlorine.

Because privatised water companies are unwilling to invest in long-term infrastructure (they are there to maximise shareholder value), they take the nearest supply of cheap water they can find and they pump it into leaking pipes. To make it safe, they have to clean it up and send it out with disinfectants in it. Fill a glass with the stuff, put it by your bedside and in the morning your "water" has turned into a brackish, metallic, undrinkable fluid.

Eco - activists, however, tell me that it is politically correct to drink this stuff and to shun bottled spring waters, often foreign. I find this unreasonable, and now I know why: water activists are actually undercover police officers working to discredit the environmental movement.

I suppose it's also the case that all these young male cyclists who appear on the pavement from nowhere, no lights, no sense of direction, are also tax-payer funded police officers working to subvert the campaign against cars.

With me? Now you know who is responsible for the idea that disposable nappies are Bad and organic cotton stay-at-home-and-wash-them-Mum nappies are Good.

Postscript 22 June 2013:

I read in this morning's newspapers that the Greenpeace leaflet which led to the famous  McLibel trial of McDonald's in the 1980s was co-written by a long-term undercover police officer working for an organised branch of London's Metropolitan Police which infiltrated protest groups. Probably "McLibel" on Google will get you all you need to know.

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