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Sunday, 6 March 2011

The BBC, the Establishment's Broadcaster

I went to the BBC News website this morning (Sunday) so see what's happening in the world. The site leads with news of a Ministry of Defence "No Comment" on a Sunday Times story that SAS troops have been captured in Libya. You wonder who phoned / faxed / texted whom.

Glance down and you get this as another Main News story:

"Archbishop urges Lent abstinence. The head of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales urges a return to self-sacrifice in Lent, suggesting worshippers forego meat on Fridays"

I kid you not. I didn't find this in the archives for 1951. It's simply the BBC News website doing its usual Outreach work. Well, it's Sunday, innit?

I gave them an Award at the end of last year for Services to the Roman Catholic Church. They clearly aim to win it again.

The Royal Family? Ah, there we have a different way of Serving the Establishment. There is no News about Prince Andrew, the man about whom you are supposed not to ask Parliamentary Questions either.

It would be wonderful if the UK had a public service broadcaster, just as it would be wonderful if it had a free Parliament. The BBC takes your taxes but serves the Great and the Good. I would close it down.

Postscript. Later on Sunday, the BBC News website did add a story about Prince Andrew: William Hague defending him. In other words, the newspapers do the criticising, and the BBC publishes the Establishment response. As and when that Establishment response changes, the BBC will also change its reporting. But not before.

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