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Monday, 21 March 2011

The BBC News website and Religion

I have been Blogging about the drip drip of Catholic propaganda on the BBC News website. Someone has had a word in their ear and today they give front page space to the results of a British Humanist Association survey. Hoorah!

The BHA asked two different questions:

Do you have a religion?
Most people answer "Yes" to this

Are you religious?
Most people answer "No" to this. In fact, 65% in England and Wales say "No" and 56% in Scotland

But here's the BBCs headline for this story, filed by John McManus:

"Many people 'are not religious' suggests survey"

Surely some mistake? 65% and 56% - isn't that what most people call "Most"?

Over to the Opus Dei desk at the BBC for the answer ....

Postscript 10.20am Monday: An instant response! The word "Many" has been changed to "Two thirds"!

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