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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Prince Andrew: A Lesson in Democracy for the Middle East

Our former Ambassador to Tunisia and Qatar, Stephen Day has warned the Government ( and specifically William Hague) that the controversy over Prince Andrew, Duke of York, is "seriously damaging Britain's relationships abroad". But asked about his warning letter, Ambassador Day replied, "I didn't ask for him to be sacked. I don't know what his job is".

There you have it in one line. Prince Andrew did not have to make an Equal Opportunities application for anything so demeaning as a regular job. He "volunteered" his services in exchange for Air Miles - he currently collects around £500 000 a year in taxpayers' money for travel and expenses. He gets to see the world, flog his own house at over the asking price, have stress massaged away, and at the same time, of course, promotes British arms sales (what else is there to export?)

This is how you turn an unemployed Prince & Duke playboy into an expense account Prince & Duke playboy. This is our lesson to the Middle East. Want to become a democracy? Wonder what to do with all your left-over autocrats and their very numerous male offspring, some of them a bit thick or a bit boorish? Give them expense accounts so that they can continue to live the high life.That way, you won't have any trouble from them. Alternatives? Oh no. Sending people to prison is very expensive and doesn't work anyway. Ask our Justice Minister, Mr Clarke.

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