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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Christopher Drake, Bill McGreavy and Modern Policing as Self-Congratulation

Detective Chief Inspector Bill McGreavy:

"Greater Manchester Police, the school, the governors and local education authority worked together fantastically and our partnership was a true example of helping in the safeguarding of children"

What did the Police do? They put together a case which has sent Christopher Drake, aged 29, to prison for six years for having sex with three pupils (two of them on a long-term basis)at Hesketh Fletcher Church of England High School.

Reason enough for feeling good?

Not quite, when you ask: How did they get the evidence?

On Valentine's Day 2010 in the early hours of the morning, one of the two long-term girls let herself into Drake's flat only to find him in bed with the other girl. She made a very noisy scene about the two-timing bastard, as a result of which the police arrived and entered Mr Drake's flat to find two of his pupils and a lot of Valentine's Day paraphernalia .... to which presumably Mr Drake's only possible response was "It's a fair cop"

So why all the self-congratulation? Well, these were long-term relationships, begun when the girls were 14 and continuing for a couple of years; Mr Drake was known in the school by his self-chosen nickname, "The Salford Stallion"; he was promoted from PE teacher to a managerial role, despite his appalling taste in nicknames. So, from what I read, it looks like there was no safeguarding of children. Hence DCI McGreavy's need to claim that there was.

I do sometimes wonder how many crimes are only solved because someone walks into a police station and gives themselves up or some very close equivalent.

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