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Friday, 1 April 2011

Johann Hari and Ed Miliband

In today's Independent, Johann Hari writes a three page job application. Ed Miliband badly needs a spin doctor - and Mr Hari thinks he's the man.

I don't watch TV or listen to radio (ever), so I don't really know how bad Miliband is as a communicator. Other people tell me he's hopeless. Nor do I really know whether he's in touch with the way ordinary people are experiencing the Cameron government. I just assume he's a bog-standard Westminster politician, just more geeky. As for imaginative policies, I don't think this is something the Labour Party is now capable of. Look, this is a party which happily replaced Tony Blair with Gordon Brown and, maybe more to the point, Robin Cook with Jim Devine.

If Johann Hari gets the job, he has his work cut out.

As for his substantive anaylsis, I don't buy all his bleeding heart stuff about the Squeezed Middle. The Squeezed Middle is very adept at painting its plight in the most pitiable terms.

A while back, a Professor in North Wales had a letter in the Independent about how squeezed he was. I found it so hilarious that I Googled his name. More hilarity: he had not so long previously been featured in the Independent's motoring column as a man with £25 000 to spend on His car (Hers already taken care of) and was wondering about a Porsche... (See my Blog "Austerity in North Wales" - the subject of the Blog was kind enough to confirm the facts, though he pointed out that in the end he bought a Prius).

The Second Car Test is only one that could be applied. Another, which Johann Hari might like to check out, is this: What will be the average spend this year on a wedding between children of Squeezed Middle parents?

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