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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Manifesto of the English Republican Party

I Googled before composing this: there does not seem to be an English Republican Party. Someone with a taste for lost causes should start one.

The general idea would be to take England out of the United Kingdom as an independent republic with an elected head of state. It would be up to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to decide what to do with themselves. They already have Nationalist parties which might get what they want if England moved out of the failed UK state.

I would hope that an English republic would gravitate towards Europe, which for most of us living in England is much closer than Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh.

So I would hope to see the clocks aligned with those of western Europe - something which the timid David Cameron recently turned down because it does not have enough Scottish support.

I would hope to see the metric system spread more widely and motorway speed limits aligned with those in Europe at 130 kmph (about 80 mph).

If border-conscious Switzerland is comfortable joining the Schengen "Open Borders" area, I can't see why we should not. The current system of UK border controls is based on the Soviet idea that stupidity - making people queue - can outwit intelligence. The Schengen Area is based on the idea that intelligence-led policing can outwit crime. I think that is a better way of tackling cross-border trafficking, smuggling, terrorism and so on.

If Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland also signed up to Schengen, then their borders with England would remain as open as they are today.

One day, England might even be ready for the €uro.

Meanwhile, it already has a flag and a football team and only lacks its own Eurovision entry. It could have a smaller House of Commons and, personally, I would close down the House of Lords entirely.

Of course, an English Republic would have left- and right-wing political parties, but at least it would be free of the central weakness of the present "United Kingdom" in which the special pleading of the tail always wags the dog. The days would be over when the county councillors in Northern Ireland can demand audiences in Downing Street whilst those in Cornwall can never do so.

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  1. In considering Republicanism as opposed to Imperialism, then might not
    the six counties that constitute the political division of N. Ireland. Be returned to the Republic of Ireland ?