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Saturday, 9 April 2011

There Is Always Money for Road Signs

Probably everyone has a favourite example of Government wasting our money.

Other countries largely manage without them - you aren't oppressed by them in Germany - but we have "invested" heavily in oversized electronic signs which now overhang every motorway. Supposedly, they provide "real time" information. In reality, they irritate drivers with an endlessly repetitive display of false and fatuous messages: "Queue Ahead" (when you are sitting in one), "Don't Drink and Drive" (when they are really desperate for something to say).

The fatal flaw is really the fact that they cannot (for technical and logical reasons) display real time information. That is why they end up being ignored - you've read it all before and it's usually wrong.

I guess that someone who used to sell fridges to Eskimos realised that the Department of Transport was a soft touch for giant electronic junkware. .

God knows how much they cost, not only to install but to run. I would simply switch them off. But if we can't get out of the contracts, let them display useful messages: "Is it your Wedding Anniversary?".

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