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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ryan Giggs and Mr Justice Eady. God's Way of Telling You That You Have Too Much Money?

I remember where I was when the Moon Landing took place, when Kennedy was assassinated, when the Twin Towers went down.

At the moment, I remember being told The Name I Wasn't Supposed to Know on Tuesday 17th May around 8pm over dinner in The Goring. I won't tell who told, since they may yet decide to convert the Isle of Wight into a prison camp and lock everyone up. I am not even sure I should name The Goring, though it seems the sort of place where many secrets have been exchanged over dinner (it's a jolly good dinner, too).

Unfortunately, the Name which was whispered in my ear means very little to me - well, nothing, to be honest. I no longer follow football and I have never followed footballers' lives.

The story which I am not supposed to know about seems rather ordinary though I have not read the details - it seems the footballer went to bed with someone who wasn't his wife. If so, it's in the Small Earthquake in Chile. Not Many Hurt category. But when I was on my way back this morning, picking up my paper at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais, it was all over the front pages.

The real loser at the moment is surely Mr Justice Eady. I have followed his career avidly in Private Eye which (if I understand correctly) credits him with having made London the world capital of the very lucrative trade in Libel Tourism. If the Government privatised his Court, the proceeds would pay off the deficit.

Well, I guess, not any more. Mr Eady is a larger than life character, but now it seems his writ doesn't run very large.

Either Mr Eady locks everyone up in the Isle of Wight (don't say they haven't been warned) or he and the Law he has conjured up is an Ass.

The man who is all to blame, John Hemming MP, appears to be an Untouchable, protected by Parliamentary Privilege - but I am sure there are lawyers passing their time today trawling the statutes and the interpretations to see if this disgraceful fellow can be locked up in Westminster's own cellars.

Some politicians do seem to have grasped the point. There is obviously a very good case for some kind of Privacy law and obviously a situation now in which there isn't one. Mr Eady, injunctions, super-injunctions, super-super injunctions just don't do the trick. Mr Giggs spent a lot of money to avoid publicity and all he's got is super-super publicity.

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