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Saturday, 18 June 2011

If Greece should sell its Islands, then we should sell Whitehall

I am coming round to the idea that every European government should be aiming for Zero Public Debt. See how the bankers like that! (Estonia is pretty close, by the way - last time I looked their debt stood at around 6% of GDP. Greece is currently at 154% and rising)

It has been suggested that Greece should bail itself out by selling some of its many spare islands, for which there would be billionaire buyers. Over here, the Barclay Brothers own Breqhou (in the English Channel) and if the English can put up with that surely the Greeks can put up with something similar.

Thinking along these lines, it occurred to me that there is a lot of valuable real estate the length of Whitehall, from Trafalgar Square down to the Houses of Parliament. Now the Parliament buildings themselves are probably not much use to anyone - a bit like the Millennium Tent - but Whitehall is full of potential luxury hotels and exclusive apartments. There is an insatiable demand for up-market London accommodation and Whitehall would be a very desirable address.

I don't actually think many people work in Whitehall - mainly senior people with big offices - and my guess is that they would all fit into an office block in Croydon.

So that's my Big Idea for today. I will pass it on to Mr Osborne. It could make his life a lot easier.

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