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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Shops will not be shutting down in Knightsbridge this summer

This story seems to have disappeared rather quickly from the News sites, so I will repeat it and leave you to savour it:

Yesterday, a man with two suitcases leaving the National Bank of Dubai branch in London's Knightsbridge was held up by robbers armed with a gun. They grabbed the suitcases.

In them was £2 million pounds in cash - apparently, spending money for the "Royal Family" of Qatar who like to pass part of the summer in London.

Two of the three thieves were very rapidly caught and the money retrieved - the man with the suitcases was no ordinary courier and was able to use his mobile phone to get immediate help from a Police diplomatic protection unit in the area. Had he to dial 999, and spell out his name and address and all the rest, the thieves would have got away, back to Croydon where they came from.

It may be the revelation of this detail about the phone which led to the rapid disappearance of this story. Next time around, robbers would know to take the mobile too.

But today's story is, I guess, good news for the owners of Knightsbridge boutiques. Not so good news for Croydon's IKEA.

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