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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A Good Week to Bury Bad News: the Hacking Crisis and the Rest of the News

It may be worth it in the end, though to be honest I would rather have people reading The Sun than The Daily Express .

But the demise of The Daily Express will come about anyway; as its elderly (or prematurely aged) readers keel over no new ones are likely to replace them. One has only to look at the front page headlines - most of them are just comical and anyone with half a brain left can see that.

But in the short term, the BBC, the rest of the non-News International press and politicians of all parties temporarily united by overlapping interests are going to focus on NI to the exclusion of news stories which ought to top Hackgate.

The European Union can't struggle free from the public debt crises of its weaker members and today we have Italy under attack - unsurprisingly given Prime Minister Berlusconi's public attempts to undermine the budget proposals of Finance Minister Tremonti. Things are so bad that the pound has strengthened slightly against the €uro despite the likelihood that the worst predictions for the second (April - June) quarter of 2011(including my own on this Blog for 27 April) are likely to be fulfilled.

Northern Ireland again presents itself to the world as a no-go council estate where no sane outsider would venture. Anyone living in England must feel more in common with citizens of the Republic of Ireland than people in the North: they have been to Dublin, they have listened to the bands, they have flown Ryanair. Why do we cling to this troublesome statelet?

Pakistan hardly bears to be thought about, NATO is bogged down in Libya, Syria is unstable, you wouldn't want to travel by plane or boat in Russia .... And somewhere a bomb is about to go off.

Postscript 21 July: Buckingham Palace has broken its silence to announce that Prince Andrew is stepping fown from his role as Trade Envoy ... Nicely timed. There has been silence on the issue since March

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