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Monday, 3 October 2011

Why the Sun Shone At the Weekend: a note to Parliament

The real reason the sun shone in England over the weekend of 29 September - 2 October? It wasn't a public holiday. For public holidays, Parliament chooses dates when it is likely to be cold or wet.

Very soon, England will be plunged into afternoon darkness. School children and workers will have no light at the end of their day. The clocks will go back in order to achieve this. Why? There are three hill farmers in the north of Scotland who would object if they were put on European time. Faced with a [Tory] Private Member's Bill to align our clocks with mainland Europe, David Cameron made clear that it could not happen - the Scottish interest had to come first. Maybe we can try again when Scotland goes its own way (it would be crazy not to).

The odd thing about Euroscepticism is that English is the common working language of Europe. We simply don't take advantage of that fact, except as lazy tourists who never speak the local lingo. We put more effort into exclusionary language policies -encouraging people to bury their heads in the sands of Welsh and Scottish Gaelic, languages which will never butter any bread.

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