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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

We Need to Talk About America

Here in the UK, we are constantly reminded that we have a "Special Relationship" with the USA. That means that when the USA goes to war, we go to war (Iraq, Afghanistan). But not vice versa (Suez, Falklands, Libya).

Any half-way reasonable person should be terrified by the "Special Relationship".

Look at the wannabe Republican Presidential candidates: Bachmann, Cain, Paul, Perry, even Romney. They deal in ignorance and prejudice, and dangerously so. They should never have their fingers on any triggers. And it's not a new phenomenon: don't forget that the elderly Senator McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, so that if anything happened to him ...

Then look at the complete and utter inability of the American System of Government to deliver any strategy to deal with the problems of spiralling public debt, the budget deficit and the dire state of the US economy.

Then think about the enthusiasm of that System for uncontrolled guns, sending young black males to jail, ruining lives with decades-long jail sentences for nothing, executing the innocent after decades-long delays on Death Row. It's absolutely terrifying.

Then think about the religious fundamentalism, the crooked evangelists who are so overwhelmingly successful ....

When I was an undergraduate, we were set to read a textbook by Ernest S Griffith called "The American System of Government". It concluded by describing that system as not the least of the means by which is built the Kingdom of God among the Free.

We need to talk about Kevin. And, yeah, even more, we need to talk about America

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