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Friday, 18 November 2011

"Where are our Bobbies?"

I glanced at a newstand today and picked up the headline on The Daily Mail and the first line of the story - apparently, a quarter of UK inhabitants claim never to have seen a police officer "on the beat" (patrolling the streets)

The headline is, of course, sickly sentimental: "Bobbies" are in the same world as Janet and John in sandals and satchels. "Our Bobbies" compounds the sentimentality with it implication that police officers are cuddly Dixons of Dock Green. There isn't a journalist on The Daily Mail who actually believes that. The sub who composed the headline probably had two fingers down his (surely not her?) throat as he wrote it.

As for this quarter of the population who have never seen a patrolling policeman, one must always remember that, at any one time, a quarter of the population is drunk, hungover, stoned, depressed, preoccupied, short sighted, blind, deaf, stupid and highly unlikely to spot an invasion from Mars if it landed on the pavement in front of them.

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  1. Newspapers exist to sell news, so they give their readers what they want to read. A lot of people think that the unemployed should live in poverty because they are idle and feckless, that immigrants and asylum seekers should be turned back at the border irrespective of their individual circumstances, and that England should have an English football manager because, er, he’s English. So don’t be surprised if that’s what gets printed.