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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Aidan Burley MP and the Case Against Allowing Englishmen Abroad

Aidan Burley is the Tory MP for Cannock Chase and in the News for attending a Stag Party in France where his mates dressed up as Nazi officers and addressed the French bar staff in the fake German accents ve are zo gut at, ja?

You do wonder about a man in his thirties who knows that he has to wear a suit and tie to become MP for Cannock Chase but is otherwise as clueless as Prince Harry - though I suppose that comparison might be some comfort to him: you can be clueless and still do very well in life. After all, this Stag Party could afford a French ski resort to parade their ignorance and stupidity.

There is a larger issue. A decade ago I was a regular flyer on Ryanair and easyjet. For some destinations - Bratislava, Hamburg, Prague - the thing you dreaded was a stag party on board, sad groups of not-so-young men intent on getting pissed and impotent. And when you got to wherever it was, there they were on the streets, objects of complete and utter local contempt.

I remember a German woman behind a bar remarking on their inseparability from each other: When one goes to piss, they all go to piss.

I felt at the time that it would be in the National Interest (Mr Cameron does that) to ban stag parties from travelling abroad. It would be better to restrict them to vomiting on English pavements.

How can you be taken seriously at the negotiating table when this is what you show to the world as England's finest?

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  1. Aidan Burley; just one of a type. A past that includes being vice-chairman of the Oxford University Conservative Association, notorious for its Nazi saluting members, and president of the elitest and drunken King Charles Club. Shades of Cameron and Osborne at the Bullingdon Club, of course. More fool the people of Cannock for voting for him. As for my local M.P., I haven’t got a clue about his politics (he’s Lib Dem), but he’s honest (didn’t fiddle his expenses), moral (doesn’t cheat on his wife, so far as I know), and will always put his name to a worthwhile local cause. So he gets my vote.