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Thursday, 22 December 2011

My First Prediction for 2012: A UK Foreign Policy Disaster

The sun never sets on the British Empire and in 2012, Prime Minister David Cameron will want to remind you of that. Buoyed by his success in Libya - where in alliance with his former friend, the Emperor Sarkozy, Cameron helped replace one set of human rights abusers with another - Cameron will look for a new adventure to boost his domestic standing.

There are several enticing prospects.

In Africa,we need a more robust response to the pirates who threaten our yachting community. So we could invade defenceless Somalia.

In the Middle East, Iran is being beastly to us - perhaps because they sense we can't stand up for ourselves. Well, they need to be shown that that isn't the case. Likewise Afghanistan to which we will despatch Prince Harry.

In Latin America, ships (and yachts) flying the Falklands Islands tax-avoiding flag are going to be barred from mainland ports. This policy is the work of Argentina, as a response to our provocation: we are sending Prince William to the Falkland Islands. Well, if they think that is provocation, we will show them what real provocation is about.

Then there is Syria and then there is Europe, which will turn against our europhobe government. Spain will begin to agitate over tax-haven Gibraltar and our government will fail to adopt my proposal to give them Hastings to end the dispute.

David Cameron will over-reach himself somewhere and find himself embarked on a bigger conflict than he can manage and without enough allies. It won't be on the scale of Suez but it will be debilitating nonetheless. Maybe William Hague will have to resign.

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  1. Just hang on until November 2012 when a Republican President will be elected in the USA. Then it will be crash, bang, wallop in Iran, with the remnants of Great Britain’s armed services being deployed in support of the special relationship. Meanwhile, in North Korea ……..