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Monday, 2 January 2012

Hell is Error Realised Too Late

I believe the title is a quote from Thomas Hobbes but I can't get a Google result for it.

And even when we realise our error, we sometimes procrastinate - staying in the wrong job or the wrong marriage for too long (often, far too long).

New Years' Resolutions are usually no more than a list of worthy and socially acceptable aspirations - exercise more, eat less, stop smoking. They can be better than that, coming out of reflection on the way we are living - checking for errors before it is too late.

But when is too late? "I would if I was younger" someone says, speaking of a change they could make - should make - but which they won't make because they think they are too old.

Is the right reply, "It's never too late"? It's a neat response and I would like to think it is true. If you realise at the age of 80 that you are married to the wrong person, then you should go ahead and divorce them.

But I'm not sure it's that neat. So you go ahead and divorce them. Then what? You get our life back, people will tell you, but they should add, But living a life is not always easy. And when you are 80, maybe it's most unlikely to be easy.

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