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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

London Hotels: Getting Rid of "Catering Grade"

I am in Wiesbaden staying in a cheap enough Ibis hotel. Cutting my mixed grain bread this morning, I began thinking about Catering Grade ...

Stay in a ** hotel near any of London´s railway termini and you will encounter Catering Grade - a device by which your hundred pound a night B and B can avoid spending anything on your breakfast. Most visitors to the Olympics will discover Catering Grade and their rooms will cost one fifty a night.

Teabags which produce dishwasher grey tea, chalk white squares of bread, confitures which are coloured jellies, sausages which ... it`s too awful to contemplate.Given the chance, they will serve you UHT milk just like municipal cafes.

Time I say for the EU to act. Make Catering Grade illegal!

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  1. Conversely, the quality of breakfast in many European hotels has improved considerably over the past few years. That’s because, with the industry being such a competitive business, hotels have to keep down their base prices whilst making a profit by doubling the price of breakfast – and you can only get away with that if you serve something better than a bread roll and a dodgy looking croissant.