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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Rebecca Harris, It's Not Brussels You Have to Worry About, it's Belfast

I read in today's press that the Government has done a U-turn and will not oppose Rebecaa Harris MP's Private Member's Bill to align UK clocks with those in continental Europe, so one hour ahead of GMT.

I blogged about this previously. There are two main arguments in favour of the move: it will cut road deaths since accidents are related to the winter darkness of evening rush hours; and it will be welcomed by most people who will have more daylight after work in which do shop, do things with their children and so on.

The government should really be leading this one; instead, they are taking the limp line of not opposing PROVIDED ...

PROVIDED the governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland agree. Wales will, Scotland might, and Northern Ireland won't.

It will be another case of the tail wagging the dog. But why should Northern Ireland decide anything for anyone except itself? Why should fifty million people in England spend six months of every year in unnecessary gloom because the county council in Belfast objects?

Over to you, Rebecca Harris MP

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