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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Will Michael Gove go the Way of Dr Liam Fox?

On December 31 2010 I predicted that Dr Liam Fox would not last another year as Secretary of State for Defence and I was right.

So it's tempting to predict that Michael Gove will not last out 2012 as Secretary of State for Education. He was in the News yesterday because he wants to get the Queen a Yacht for her Jubilee and would be very happy for the taxpayer to pay for it.

Today he is in the newspapers because his plan to distribute a King James Bible to every school in the Land has run into difficulty. Who is going to pay for this bit of Gove-promotion? (He apparently plans to sign every copy - clearly there is not much work for a Secretary of State for Education these days).

I'm tempted to say, Three "I'm a Nutter" Stories and He's Out. Like Ruth Kelly, Gove is a bit of an embarassment. David Cameron's PR persons can't just go on slapping him down.So I'll make the prediction: He will provide us with another Story and he'll be out before the end of 2012.

Postscript: I was wrong. It took David Cameron until 15 July 2014 to realise that this man was a liability and sack him

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