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Saturday, 21 January 2012

You Think This is Easy ....

It's a good job I don't have to write a daily column for The Independent. I might be driven to drink or plagiarism. Here, I always have a choice, to Blog or not to Blog.

Most mornings, I go on line and scan the headlines from BBC News and some of the newspapers. There are always things which sadden me, irritate me, frustrate me, anger me. I try not to become repetitive and petulant (though it's clear that I don't try hard enough).

I usually try not to write in a Blog about tragic or simply vast subjects where a few hundred words of my prose would tend to diminish the subject rather than reveal the depths of pain or complexity involved. Sometimes, I suspect, I don't write about a topic - or treat it only cursorily - because I simply despair.

Sometimes I write autobiographically, but I exclude certain subjects. Other people are still alive and so am I.

I like doing the Book Reviews, which make me work a bit harder - reading the book (always cover to cover), assembling the review - and I have thought of hiving off the Reviews to a separate Blog.

Actually, it's not really necessary. This Blog (unlike my specialist Philately Blog at does not have a regular following. It picks up readers because of its Back List of Old Blogs - a few hundred now. Google searches ("Does the Kingdom of Yugoslavia still exist?", "Does Prince Harry have a Job?") turn up posts from the Back List and those who read them may or may not go away enlightened or satisfied. I simply don't know.

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