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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

No Valentine's Day Kiss for Smokers

That's one of today's News reports: most people find the taste of tobacco offensive. They also find the smell of tobacco offensive.

One of the unintended consequences of the splendid ban on smoking in enclosed public spaces has been to make people more aware of tobacco smoke in other environments. When I walk down the street now, I am sometimes astonished at just how strong is the smell from just one whiff of smoke from a passing smoker's cigarette. And queueing in the Post Office the stink coming off the person in front's clothes can seem overwhelming.

In the past, you were so used to smoky environments that you noticed such things much less. You probably smelt of tobacco smoke yourself. That's no longer true.

And watching old Hollywood films I am sometimes distracted now by the thought that those chain-smoking hunks and heroines stank.

The cultural change which has nudged smokers into the role of outcasts and losers is something from which one may derive some comfort.

Maybe there will come a day when public stag or hen party drunkenness will also mark someone as a pitiable object.

Or a day when anyone who follows behind a dog on a lead, picking up its shit, will be seen as only a plastic bag away from insanity.

Or when we will shake our heads at Baroness Warsi off to plot reaction with the Vatican.

1 comment:

  1. Those people you deride for bagging their dog mess are showing consideration for others – the idiots are those who then discard the (plastic) bag onto the footpath where it will lie for the next 1,000 years unless someone else disposes of it.