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Thursday, 9 February 2012

William Wales, Harry Wales and the British Empire

The sun never sets on the British Empire - and Mr Cameron's government intends to use William Wales and Harry Wales to prove it.

Prince William to the Falklands to show the Argies we mean to defend those rocks to the last drop of some poor squaddie's blood (there are 1 400 troops garrisoned at Mount Pleasant). Prince Harry to Afghanistan to show the tribes that there is no escape from our Apache helicopters.

By all means let otherwise unemployed or unemployable princes and princelings serve in the armed forces, but under no circumstances allow them to serve overseas. All it does is prove to the world that we have learnt nothing from history and intend to continue that way. All it shows is the United Kingdom, Great Britain, as a bastion of reaction. All it shows is that our government and our Royal Family are eager for photo ops for domestic consumption - move out of the way of the cameras, you Argie bastards and fucking Afghan peasants.

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  1. But what's the point of being in the armed services if you don't go abroad to fight? It would be better for royalty not to join the services. After all, consider Prince Andrew - flew a helicopter, fought in a war, then became a civilian with no transferable skills and ended up sponging off the state in a fabricated business ambassador role.