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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Mervyn King and the Diamond Jubilee

Mervyn King has been reading my old Blogs (try 27 April 2011). He is in the Daily Telegraph today forecasting that the Days Orff for the Queen's Jubilee will depress UK GDP in the second quarter of 2012 just as her grandson's marriage did in the same period of 2011.

Mr Cameron is not worried. He's not really a Growth man, he's a Bash the Argies and Let the Rich Get Richer man.

A couple of months ago we were going to have the motorway speed limit raised to 80 mph, roughly in line with Europe's 130 kmph. The idea was to "get Britain moving".

Now Mr Cameron wants Toll roads to slow it down again. I guess he went through the Dartford Tunnel one morning and realised what a cash cow for his chums the roads could be.

Speaking of slowing things down, I have been out of the country (hence the shortage of recent Blogging).

It's easy enough to get out. On a good day you can exit through the Tunnel with no checks whatsoever, French or British, as if you were in the Schengen area.

Coming back is another matter. Even on a quiet day there is a queue to be checked back in by the UK Borders Agency ( now out sourced to North Korea). Every single returning Brit is subjected to demented scanning of their passport (turn it this way, turn it that way, hold it up to the light) and, in unfortunate cases, the third degree about their temerity in leaving the country (Business or Pleasure, Sir?).

Eurotunnel is already panicking about the Jubilee and sending out Do's and Don'ts emails.So many of us are fleeing the country that they fear long queues at Calais as we return. Of course there will be long queues. The security apparatus plans to punish us for not staying home and waving our Union Jacks.

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  1. Partially right on Cameron; certainly he wants the rich to get richer, but that's where it ends. He has no actual policies, including foreign policy. I doubt if he knows where Argentina is.