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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Revolution Street, Brighton

I would bet money that there isn't a Revolution Street anywhere in England.

English street names are pretty depressing. First, there are the banal: North Road, East Street. Then, there are the memorials to landowners whose fields, ploughed into pavements, made them rich. And then there are the faux rural or fawning choices of "modern" corporate housebuilders: variations on the themes of Meadow, Field and Jubilee.

Brighton does have a Jew Street which is terrific especially as it is tiny. It's probably the only street here which regularly has its street sign stolen.

Now that it has so many erotic boutiques, Brighton really deserves a Red Light Lane.

And something in Kemp Town to recognise it as England's gay capital: Humphry Berkeley Street might be a good and Conservative choice. ( There are plenty of Berkeley Streets but Humphry B. was the Conservative MP who introduced the first Parliamentary Bill in the UK to decriminalise male homosexuality).

And by way of ironic response to Private Eye (which calls the city Skidrow on Sea), it should indeed rename West Street (where the teenagers go to vomit), Skid Row.

You get the idea and I am sure you can go on to have fun wherever you live.

But most of all I would like a Revolution Street. Any revolution would do. It would just give a little critical perspective on the world of taken-for-granted street names

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  1. For echoes of revolution, visit the outskirts of Newark where you will find Edgehill Drive, Marston Moor Road, and Naseby Avenue. Ireton Avenue and Winstanley Drive - leading to Levellers Way – reflect different views about the nature of revolution , whilst Hutchinson Road is a reminder of one man’s signature on the warrant for the king’s execution.