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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cardinal Keith O'Brien - the BBCs favourite cleric (again)

They wouldn't dare, I thought, as I clicked on the BBC News website this Sunday morning. But they did: once again the lead story is the Press Release for today's Sermon by Cardinal Keith O'Brien:

"Scotland's most senior Roman Catholic accuses Prime Minister David Cameron of immorality over tax policy, and calls for more aid for the poor"

I went to the Observer, the Independent, the Telegraph. None of them had noticed this story.

Nor it seems does BBC management monitor what goes on at their News website.

I have been Blogging about the abuse of the BBC News website on behalf of Cardinal O'Brien for over a year (click on the Tags to read back Posts). I suppose I ought to compose a Letter of Complaint. I just feel it would be pointless.

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