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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Imagine you are a Long Distance Lorry Driver, just through the Channel Tunnel onto the M20 and then ...

... one of those looming overhead electronic noticeboards warns you of a height restriction at the Dartford Tunnel:

15 Feet 9 Inches

Momentarily, you lose control of your vehicle as you desperately try to work out what that means. OK, you know you have entered a pre-modern society where they do miles and fraction of miles. But "15 feet 9 inches" in flashing lights...

This fantasy sign was flashing as I drove home from Folkestone last night. I found it surreal. I hope it didn't cause any accidents. Or block the Dartford Tunnel because someone wasn't quite up to the conversion. ( You think you can do it? Go on. Try. But not while you are driving)

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  1. Do you know the height of your car (in feet or metres)? No, because you don't need to, but you can easily convert mph to kph because that's useful information. Likewise, if you're driving a truck from Poland to Scotland, you'll know your vehicle height in feet and metres because you won't want to get stuck in the Blackwall Tunnel or wherever.