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Friday, 18 May 2012

There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch! Just Claim to be a Monarch!

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee lunch for fellow Monarchs is in the News because she has invited at least two people who one really shouldn't sit down with: the chap who rules Bahrain and the chap who rules Swaziland. They behave in beastly ways towards their subjects.

But this is an unbalanced reaction. I can find at least four guests (eight when you include their wives) who no one would claim are horrible to the people they rule over:

HRH King Simeon II of Bulgaria
HM King Constantine of the Hellenes
HM King Michael I of Romania
HRH The Crown Prince of Yugoslavia

I know they read different newspapers in Buckingham Palace but I didn't realise they were mostly dated before 1950. Perhaps the Foreign Office should have a word. Or perhaps it is Foreign Office policy to seek the restoration of the monarchy in these countries (which in the case of Yugoslavia also means restoring the country itself). Mr Hague?

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