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Saturday, 30 June 2012


Beliefs should be held in moderation. Strongly-held beliefs - Beliefs with a capital "B" - are too often connected to desires to harm other people. When I read that someone has "deeply held Beliefs", I hear it as a Health Warning. Of those to whom "deeply held Beliefs" are attributed, only Quakers come to my mind as lacking any desire to do harm.

Young men with Beliefs are particularly dangerous and governments should think more about how they might keep the boys away from such dangerous toys - for example, discouraging religious seminaries or encouraging young men "at risk" to take a greater interest in sex and relationships, the satisfying experience of which generally makes men better disposed towards their fellow human beings.

The recent reports from Kabul told us of young men storming into the grounds of a hotel shouting, "Where are the prostitutes?" whose presence they had fantasised and who they intended to kill. Finding none, they killed other men and then blew themselves up. The reports I read were describing a madness charged by sexual frustration.

I don't know what to do about old men with Beliefs, especially those who have built their worldly careers on those Beliefs.

But it is one of the small mercies of life, that strongly held Beliefs often fade with age and cease to provide a perverse barrier against the expression of ordinary human desires and sympathies.

So it is always a small triumph for humanity when the Bishop is caught with the Actress, as has happened only this last week and as a result of which Fernando Bargallo is no longer an Argentinian Bishop. He now has the chance to be a happier man, something for which they will hate him in the Vatican.

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  1. Do you believe only moderately that strong beliefs are dangerous?