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Saturday, 3 November 2012

I Have a Cold

Though I may occasionally tell you what I had for breakfast, it is a Rule of this Blog not to use it for Self-Pity.  So when I tell you that I Have a Cold I am not looking for the global sympathy vote. I just want to explain the absence of recent Blogging.

You can't write a decent Blog with a Cold as Nasty as this one.

It's a German cold and it has worked its way through my body with chilling Germanic efficiency since I returned from a trip last Sunday evening with the throat feeling that things were going wrong. They were and have been wrong now for six days.

This Cold has ticked all the boxes for Cold and avoided all those for Flu, offering no way of maneouvring it into the Flu category: no fever, no desperate necessity to lie down, no disturbance to digestion or bowels.

But, surely, I say to myself, a mere Cold can't make you ache so much. Oh yes it can, says my non-self-pitying self, a German cold can. And that's what you have got. Paracetamol is the only answer and so Paracetamol it has become, even though it is something I normally avoid. Aspirin is my relief drug of choice: aspirin is good for your heart; paracetamol is bad for your liver and my liver has had two visits from hepatitis so I am a bit protective.

So the recourse to Paracetamol (I confess: Paracetamol Plus with decongestants and expectorants added) is only because this is the worst cold I have had for years and it's unfair to have it just one week after you have lined up for your (second) annual flu jab - they started me last year.

Life's unfairness. We should treat it  lightly. Shit happens. Get over it. But a sense of unfairness probably explains my breakfast this morning. Not muesli and bran - too hard to swallow; tickles the throat; makes you cough and splutter. Instead, Green and Black's Organic Chocolate Ice Cream served with a freshly chopped Williams' Bon Chretien  [in Australia: Bartlett] pear. 

I feel better now (I quote some Famous Last Words, of course].

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