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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Jobs for the Girls? But why would you want to take over the Church of England?

What baffles me is this, Why do so many women join voluntary organisations which - essentially - reject them? And do so in preference to joining other organisations which would welcome them?

If you believe that your God created all human beings equal in every sense important to the conduct of daily and spiritual life, then if you want to join a religious organisation why not join one which shares that rather important view? And if one does not exist, then why not create one?

What is the attraction of these dreadful old organisations - corrupt, unpleasant, failing - which open the pages of their Books to show you chapter and verse that God doesn't want you - maybe for a flower arranger but not for a bishop and most definitely not for a Pope (and that he wears a skirt is not to be taken as any kind of concession).

I think the short answer is this: Money and Power. Religious organisations like the Church of England and even more so the Roman Catholic Church are not only very corrupt; they are also immensely rich and powerful. In England, they have their  fingers in every pie - especially our schools.

Rich and powerful they can offer jobs, salaries and rather nice housing. So, unfortunately, I come to the conclusion that what motivates this strange desire that the C of E should drop the Book and behave as if it is something it isn't - well, that what motivates this desire is simply the desire for a share of the pie. Not the spiritual pie, which has no need of worldly set-ups like the C of E, but a very material pie. There could be an awful lot of jobs for the girls. After all, nowadays, not many men want them anyway.

To be honest, I think it would be more ethical to go and work for a hedge fund. There, at least, there is no Book which says you can't do it - only some assumptions, habits and prejudices which can be changed. The Boys who work for the funds at least know that there is no Book in which God told us only Boys can do the job.

Margaret Thatcher joined the Conservative Party because it was the most appropriate vehicle in which to promote the values she held and to pursue a political career. When it came to going after the top job, there was a small problem dealing with prejudice - but, interestingly, not a huge one. And Margaret Thatcher was no feminist, no member of the Sisterhood before or after she reached the top.

There is no reason to suppose that women who want top jobs in the C of E are automatically going to be nice people, feminists, progressives, honest, whatever. Maybe half of them are just Margaret Thatchers who have seen the inside of Lambeth Palace and like what they see. Whereas I see it as ripe for redevelopment.

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