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Friday, 21 December 2012

My Predictions for 2013

I just looked at my Predictions for 2012, made a year ago. Three are wrong. There was no new UK foreign policy disaster (at any rate, not one bigger than The War of the Ecuadorean Embassy). There were no new urban riots in August 2012. And Michael Gove is still in charge of Education - really extraordinary that this is so.

One is possibly right: Alex Salmond may be more popular than a year ago despite huge efforts on the part of the Unionist parties to ensure that he isn't.

In these circumstances, I make no predictions for 2013. I wouldn't put money on any of my hunches.

However, I do have the feeling that in London 2013 is going to be a good year for new-to-the-scene criminals without Twitter accounts. The Metropolitan Police is now entirely committed to feet-on-the-desk investigations of crimes against media personalities and crimes committed many years ago by the decrepit and dead.

And with that reassuring thought, I wish you an enjoyable End of Year. Just take care in the New Year.

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