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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sex stereotyping at NEXT

Christmas is coming, I have a one year old grandchild and so finding myself in a large branch of NEXT, I wandered into the "Kids Bedroom" section. I thought I might find a(nother) present.

A lot has changed since my own children were young, a quarter century ago. Everything is now sex stereotyped. Everything is pink OR blue and to save some old fool like me from transgendering their unfortunate grandchild, boxes are stamped in big letters BOY or GIRL. So buses and trains are BOY. I can't tell you what was stamped GIRL because at this point I gave up and left. I came home, went online to the hated Amazon and bought a box of old-fashioned, sensible Brio wood building bricks which don't come stamped BOY or GIRL. I hope my grand daughter will enjoy playing with them.

I suppose NEXT tells us a lot about Middling England, which has rejected the egalitarian nonsense which many of us believed  back in the 1980s. Now we know we got it all wrong. There are boys and there are girls. Sex and Gender are the same thing (so much so that that people now use "Gender" where they used to use "Sex").

There are boys and there are girls. And in the same manner, there are the riff-raff and there are our  nice children who go to the nice Faith schools New Labour gave us. God Save The Queen..

But, you might say, Middling England is in favour of Gay Marriage. True enough - and if it wasn't, Mr Cameron wouldn't support it. But this rather confirms a prejudice I have about all this earnest promotion of Gay Marriage.

I think it's basically part of a conservative movement, a reaction against all that 1980s criticism of marriage and the family as not as good as they were cracked up to be.  Gay people have become conservative and no longer want to offer us any version of an alternative lifestyle; they want the same lifestyle as Middling England. They want to  buy pink toys for their girl children and blue toys for the boys.

And, in due course, they will want to have divorces as vicious as those enjoyed by heterosexuals

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