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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Press Rescued from Leveson - Thank You, Kate

At the time of the 1953 East German Uprising, Bertolt Brecht satirised the reaction of the Communist Party authorities. Shaking their heads sadly, they professed themselves very disappointed with the People and announced that they intended to create a new one. Which would adore them.

I laugh, but sometimes I struggle too. What hope for any revival of democratic politics in the United Kingdom when  it seems that half the population, male and female, told that Kate is pregnant, wets its collective knickers?

The timing could not have been better, even if unintended - though the timing is so good that there must have been some hidden hand at work. All the nasty newspapers can now drop all other stories - all those unpleasant stories -  in favour of Daily Bulletins on the progress of The Pregnancy.

And at the end of it, there will be a Royal Birth and yet another Heir to The Throne and David Cameron will be tempted to give Middling England yet another Day Orff to descend on London  and wave their silly little flags.

Why don't they all just emigrate to the Costa del Sol? There is no hope for this place whilst these people remain.

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