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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Voice of the Vatican or The BBC News Website?

For a long time I used to go to the BBC News website every Sunday morning. There would be no surprises: you would be sure to find some headline about the Pope or, more likely, his Scottish agent Cardinal Keith O'Brien. I used to Blog about this. Then I stopped looking because it was absurd and irritating that this supposedly internationally important website was being run on these Press Releases from Rome and Glasgow. I suspected the hand of Opus Dei.

The Pope's resignation has sent the BBC News website into a frenzy. It's the most important event in world history and every angle on this rather sad end to an unpleasant Papacy is going to be explored at length, and repeatedly. Shortly to be followed by Election coverage: which reactionary Cardinal comes next?

Does no one in the BBC hierarchy ever read their own website? Or are they all in on this shameless promotion not just of one religion but one Church? Does the Church of England never protest? The non-conformists (who?)? The representatives of Judaism and Islam? Is it really so easy for someone convinced they are doing the Work of God to take over like this?

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