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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Should England Leave the United Kingdom?

This is the In or Out Referendum which should be held but which the United Kingdom Independence Party exists to prevent.

It's really a no brainer. If England left the failed United Kingdom state,  look at its immediate savings:

Current annual subsidy from taxes paid in England is about £9 billion. This covers a recurring deficit on Welsh public expenditure equivalent to about £3000 per head of Welsh population.

Northern Ireland
Current annual subsidy about £7 billion, equivalent to about £4000 per head of Northern Irish population.

The Falkland Islands
We have an awful lot of bored squaddies sitting there to protect the Falklands Way of Life. Subsidy from English taxes per head of Falklands population is about £45 000. Must make the average Benefits Scrounger green with envy.

The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man
Licensed by the UK Parliament to provide a haven for English money on which tax would otherwise be paid here. Unknown costs to the Treasury. In relation to an independent England, these dodgy offshore jurisdictions would become foreign states against which sanctions could be deployed - and, if necessary, the troops brought home from the Falklands could invade.

The Monarchy
Nothing English about the House of Windsor (really Saxe Coburg Gotha and later Battenberg). Costs quite a lot to run not least because of its right to shut down the English economy every time it has a Jubilee or a Wedding.

The list goes on. Scotland isn't on it - most calculations reckon that Scotland is subsidy neutral with respect to England. That's why there are Scots who would welcome independence. In contrast, independence would have to be thrust upon Wales and Northern Ireland over a lot of Nationalist protests.

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  1. If economics is to determine the matter, then - on current performance - it's goodbye to much of the Midlands and the North.