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Monday, 8 July 2013

One Parking Permit per Household, One Dog Permit per Household

In crowded urban areas of the UK, you need a Permit to park your car on your local street. No Permit if you have a driveway or garage; one Permit maximum per household. It's not a perfect system - far from it - but in many areas it does mean that residents can usually park near their own homes and it does prevent streets turning into battlefields strewn with badly parked cars.

In those same crowded urban areas, you should need a Permit to keep a dog and there should be a maximum of one Permit per household. Why?

It could be an effective way of discouraging what is basically an anti-social habit. Like smoking, dog keeping is not something which has no effects on others. Here in Brighton, the dog-dependent part of the population has basically taken over the streets, the promenades and the seafront. Instead of being discouraged by the city authorities (ha! I wish) they are indulged. Green areas and beach areas which should be great places for children to play are instead areas for dogs to shit. Noise is not so much a problem, except for the immediate neighbours of barking dogs, but lurking in the background is the knowledge that dogs do attack humans (especially children) and that, even when on a leash, their owners cannot control them.

I get the impression that it has become fashionable to keep more than one dog. Every morning I see people heading to the shitting grounds on the promenade with two or three dogs running around in front or behind. That must be something we should be discouraging. It's hard enough to keep a crowded urban area clean and pleasant. If the bin men go on strike (as they did recently here in Brighton), within a few days the city descends into Neapolitan squalor. The foxes, seagulls, pigeons and rats trash the overflowing bins and spread across the streets the takeaway boxes, the nappies, the broken glass .... and the dog shit.

So there's a very simple proposal from my Eco-Friendly Brighton-based Virtual Think Tank. Permits for Dogs (£95 a year), maximum one Permit (= one Dog)  per household.

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  1. What happens if the dog has puppies?