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Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Question to British Politicians, Why Do You Believe in the Special Relationship?

Most British politicians believe in something called The Special Relationship. Some of them believe in it fervently, people like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Michael Gove and William Hague. These people have taken lifelong Vows.

Basically, it means that they think the United Kingdom exists to roll over and do whatever America asks. So when America asked us to clear Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean of its indigenous population (the Chagos Islanders) to make way for an American base, we did it without hesitation. The islanders had no say in their fate. 

And when President Bush wanted to show his Dad that he was a Real Man and not a Whisky and Cocaine Man, Tony Blair had no hesitation in sending British forces to invade Iraq – and lose badly.

When America told us that it wanted more powers to extradite people (UK citizens) from Britain, we rushed to agree – and, of course, we wouldn’t be asking for any reciprocal right to extradite US citizens to the UK. Oh no! Ditto for intelligence “sharing”.

And so it goes on. It’s deeply puzzling. Are you politicians paid to believe in the Special Relationship or is it just that you have never read a half-way decent book about America?

America is an AWFUL nasty dysfunctional state and has been that way for decades. 

Here is a short list of  20 Good Reasons to get a divorce from the Special Relationship:

1. America is one of the most unequal “Western” societies and is getting more unequal. It pays a price for this in terms, for example of
2. A vast, violent and cruel prison Gulag system which goes almost entirely unreported in the British press as does
3. Child Poverty 
4. Hugely unequal access to overpriced and second-rate medical care, sometimes needed because of
5. Guns
6. Guns ought to be enough to put anyone off the idea of a Special Relationship with these people, but if it isn’t then maybe
7. Nukes will do it from the only country that has ever used them

8. J.Edgar Hoover, heading a long list of powerful but corrupt  
9. Paranoids
10. Ready to attack anything that moves, but preferably poor non-white people in far away lands, targets for chemical and biological warfare experiments using, most famously,
11. Napalm
12. Though not forgetting that over ninety percent of conventional bombs dropped and missiles fired since the end of World War Two have been dropped or fired by America (Correct?)

13. The Republican Party, currently demonstrating that
14. America has a lousy Constitution, treated as if it were Genesis in the Bible, but actually leaving the political process at the mercy of 
15. America’s powerful and unpleasant minorities
16. Who for decades have tirelessly supported the world’s most vicious dictators (Trujillo, Duvalier, Stroessner, Saddam Hussein …) meanwhile
17. Directing decades of hatred towards Cuba as if you can put a country on
18. Death Row

19. America is scary
20. We could do a deal. America gets to have Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Michael Gove and William Hague. We get some space to breath the air of freedom

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