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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Waitrose and The Daily Mail: campaigning for the Conservatives

This morning at Waitrose, the check outs are piled with copies of the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. They are running a big Promotion. It seems that Waitrose has fired the opening shots in the next General Election campaign. They want the Conservatives to win.

It used to seem a good idea to shop at Waitrose. As part of the John Lewis Partnership, it does not have shareholders but instead employee “Partners” who share in the profits. So it seemed a progressive organisation. But perhaps all the Partners were all along secret Tories.

They are also ardent Monarchists. A Waitrose bag bears the crests of the Queen and the Heir to the Throne, Prince Charles. I guess they are already working to secure the Crests of our future heads of state, Prince William and Prince George. (Britain is peculiar – we already know who our Heads of State are going to be for the next hundred years.)

I avoid the bags - I’m a Republican -  but it’s a bit harder to avoid the Duchy Originals. 

Buy any of Prince Charles’ products and you are automatically taxed for a contribution to one of his charities, all very worthy but not ones you have chosen. And creating Feelgood for Prince Charles.

I guess I should be shopping at Sainsbury’s (Labour) or Tesco (Tory and Zionist but apart from the Kosher food they don’t ram it down your throat).

I don’t think I can take much more Daily Mail patriotism from Waitrose.

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  1. Try Morrisons. Cheap prices, no Ducy Originals, and a less elitist class of customer.