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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Jesus Was Born on the 25th June

The Australians have got it right. Jesus was born in mid-summer. It figures: the family had to stay in the stable rather than the Inn, but they didn't freeze to death. All those Renaissance paintings by people who presumably knew what they were doing make it out to be a pretty cosy place. The Infant Jesus is not kitted out for a snow storm.

To recognise the true facts, Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere should be celebrated on the 25th June. This would increase the chances that family get-togethers could be held without disruption by storms, floods, power cuts, snow, flu and all the other reasons why 25th December is a really dumb choice of date.

That said, for those who have a sentimental attachment to the idea of mid-winter reunions, there is always New Year - currently an orphaned celebration which does not rise much above fireworks and drunkenness.

Celebrations on a beefed-up 31st December and  the new 25th June would also solve the recurring dilemmas of those who have to decide such things as, Do we spend this year with His lot or Her lot? Or shall we resign ourselves to spending many hours camped on a motorway along with all the others who have caved into pressure and decided that there is nothing for it but to attempt to travel to both His and Hers?

(I remember one year attempting to drive from Heathrow to Her lot in Plymouth in a Volkswagen Beetle and a developing snowstorm. Eventually, when the road could no longer be seen, we ditched the car and hitched a lift with the last shepherd out watching his flocks disappear under the snow. We discovered that we were in an area where friends had rented a holiday cottage so ended up in warm beds - we just knocked on the door and Lo! there was room in the Inn.

But that was enough to convince her Lot - when we dug our way into a telephone box the next morning to inform them that we had not died in the blizzard - that we had simply not tried hard enough to perform our Duties.)

Think about it. 25th June. It'a No Brainer. Just get over any Issues you might have with the fact that the Australians got there first.

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  1. It would also mean that the Football World Cup could more easily be switched to December, which would be good news for Qatar.